Strike Radio is an open platform to live broadcast and archive picket lines, strikes and protests. It was founded during the UCU Strikes in March 2020. It acts as a temporary communication platform during events, strikes or durational political action, allowing those who are not physically in the same place to engage, tune in and feel part of a wider conversation. Additionally, those at the heart of the event can share their experience and broadcast to a wider periphery, enabling an of-the-minute update in the actions and movements of the protest or event.

When Strike Radio isn’t live, it broadcasts a 24-hour loop of pre-recorded or previously live content, meaning the stream never stops. There is an archive of all of the material on Mixcloud for access at any later date. Strike Radio is an open platform, meaning that anyone involved in the action can go live and broadcast from their Android phone or Laptop/computer by downloading a free app. Contributors can send in material via email to be uploaded to the 24-hour stream and archive.

Strike Radio is always open to new ideas, collaborators and participants, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!