Strike Radio operates on a free and open source platform, therefore there are some steps to follow in order to broadcast live with us. You can broadcast live using a software called butt from your Mac or PC, or if you’re on the move, on an Android phone using an app called BroadcastMyself. 

Please be sure to record your live content and send it to, or if you are unable to do so, please let us know so that we can make sure it’s being recorded. 

How to Live Broadcast on Strike Radio from your Computer 

Strike Radio uses a free software called ‘butt’ which stands for “broadcast using this tool” (yes, seriously) to link your computer broadcast to our live stream on the website. 

In order to live broadcast on our website, you need to download the programme. This tutorial shows you how. The process should take you 5-10 minutes to complete.

NameStrike Radio
IceCast mountpoint23s5uec1xqzuv/source
IceCast usersource

How to Live Broadcast on Strike Radio from your Android Phone

If you are on the move, or not near a computer, you can live broadcast from your phone using the free app BroadcastMyself. This app also allows you to add your own music so you can DJ, talk + broadcast simultaneously! 

Unfortunately the free version of this app does not record your live broadcast, so if you are going live using BroadcastMyself please let us know via so we can record it for you.
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Server PasswordAB8DqmTd
MP3 Encoder Bitrate160 Kbit/s
Metadata Templatesong__artist
Streaming buffer sizeBuffer size X 8…